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Music Relaxation

 A therapeutic musician provides a service that is an aid to healing and recuperation and directed by the patient.  This takes place in a one on one situation and usually is no longer than 15 to 20 minutes per session.
The music can be taken from any one or all four of the categories for therapeutic music, whatever is deemed appropriate by the patient and their therapist.
 Types of Music

There are four categories of music provided by a therapeutic musician

  •    Category 1 Entrainment or music with a steady beat that can be quickened for waking or slowed for relaxation and sleeping
  •    Category 2. Arythmic this is used in hospices and where the patient is in the last stages of dying.
  •  Category 3. Focus a patients attention usually with music that they are familiar with and brings them happiness
  •  Catergory 4. Musical memories or music from an Alzheimers and dementia patients past. 

I am a trained therapeutic musician, with the Resonance Therapeutic Music programme, and able to provide music in a group setting or on a one-to-one basis, and music to aid in pain management and relaxation meditation. Music can provide a release from pain, fear and grief for a patient in palliative care and their families, and lift staff working in stressful situations.  I can work at the  bedside, in home or hospital situations.

The soothing and meditative qualities of harp music will help ameliorate the feelings of loss and grief for mourners at memorial and funeral services.



   Aged Care Facilities  that I have provided the service for

  • Karana Community Kew
  • Willowview Day Centre 
  • Yarraville Village 
  • Hamble Court Brighton
  • Mayflower Community  Brighton

Karen Huckle
Merrums Music
(61 3) 9486 7357